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  • 03Jun

    Persian Qum Carpets

    Qum is considered as holy city of Iran situated 100 KM south of Tehran in the middle of Iran and having rich history. It is… Read More →

  • 03Jun

    Persian Kashan Carpets

    Kashan is one of the oldest city and situated in the center of Iran in Isfahan province. This city is primary location for the pre… Read More →

  • 20May

    Persian Isfahan Carpets

    Isfahan is one of the cities of Iran which very famous for the art making of carpets. Isfahani carpets are well known for its high… Read More →

  • 20May

    Persian Tabriz Carpets

    Tabriz carpets are one of the types of Persian carpets that manufactured or produced in in the city of Tabriz. It is capital city of… Read More →

  • 20May

    Handmade Carpets

    Handmade carpets are considered as most expensive among all kinds of rugs due to its uniqueness of manufacturing and quality. Handmade manufacturing is the oldest… Read More →

  • 20May

    Persian Kilim Carpets

    Kilim Carpets are well known as woven carpets or rugs that are produced as tradition in the areas of former Ottoman Empire like Iran, Azerbaijan… Read More →

  • 29Apr

    Carpets Cleaning Singapore

    Today carpets are very popular and considered as most necessary decorative thing in homes and offices. In these days everyone prefers to decorate their homes… Read More →

  • 20Apr

    Persian Rugs in Singapore

    Best Persian Carpets: Persian rugs in Singapore are very famous among people due to its unique history and outstanding quality. Here we present you history… Read More →

  • 24Mar

    Silk Rugs in Singapore

    Best Silk Carpets Silk Rugs in Singapore considered as world’s most expensive four or five hundred years old, but does it really tie the room… Read More →

  • 24Mar

    Modern Rugs in Singapore

    Our designer modern carpets for sale are handmade by skilled craftsman who are inspire by the use of natural material & dyes transforming a piece… Read More →

  • 16Jan

    Pakistan & Indo Persian

    Pakistan & Indo Persian Pak & Indo Persian collection consists of the finest quality rugs made by master weavers, who have passed down the skill… Read More →

  • 16Jan

    Antiques/Tribal Rugs

    Antiques/Tribal Rugs Best Antiques Carpets A tale of history combine with a manifest of culture & a appreciation of art that has been transform from… Read More →

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