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Best Antiques Carpets

A tale of history combine with a manifest of culture & a appreciation of art that has been transform from the depth of the heart to create a woven master piece that is second to none. Age creates mellow softness, variation abrash & a sense of pride of ownership which gives to the antique its immeasurable superiority over the modern rug from the point of view of artistic beauty and rarity. Antique Oriental rugs may be classified in many different ways but the 2 main classification made, is between antique rugs which is over 100 years old & semi antique rugs which is 50 years old or more.


Best Tribal Carpets

Tribal rugs with their uniqueness, colors and designs, is a special feeling that cannot be achieved otherwise. The rugs is essentially a one-off tribal art usually created by nomadic or village people living in small groups or on the open plains in tents like the gypies where the raw materials comes from their backyard & animals or minerals that were just gathered from their journey travelled. It can take several months or years for one person to make even a small rug, and larger carpets require weaving skills of several persons for a year or two. The value of the tribal rug is therefore directly related to the time and effort made to create it. The quality of the materials and complexity of design affect the time required to create these carpets and these factors also affect the value. Samad’s Tribal rugs collection consists of rugs originating in Kazakistan, Afghanistan & others. For the majority, tribal rugs are 100% pure wool pieces, with a few exception of cotton or silk base. Designs are geometrical or floral motifs that has been passed from generation to generation. The high demand for these collections, has contributed to the finest rugs done by master weaver who take their skills beyond the limit creating timeless beauty.














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