Kashan is one of the oldest city and situated in the center of Iran in Isfahan province. This city is primary location for the pre historic civilizations which have roots since 6000BC. This city have old footprints of ancient times as prestige city of history.

Persian Kashan Rugs are also very famous in iran and in different parts of the world as well. Kashan carpets begun to be crafted from the 17th century during safavid dynasty and some scholars believes smaller designs of carpets started in back date of 16th century. Kashan was the holiday place in history due to its architecture and renowned for holiday homes. Kashan rugs have the specialit that they are easily recognizable because of its texture or design and considered as the most beautiful and famous among all Persian carpets. For most of the people, when they think about Persian carpets, the image came in their heads are about the traditional kashan rug with central medallion on red field with navy and ivory borders.

Kashan city and its surrounding area is encircled with desert and therefore they don’t have good source of local material. Because of that they imported merino wool from Manchester UK to produce iran’s finest rugs. In recent times of Kashan history, they used wool source from sabzevar which best wool produced in Iran.

Kashan carpets is usually igh quality and manufactured by silk into beautiful design rugs. Most of the kashan rugs have woven by cotton but some of the finest example of best carpets made by pure silk. In the best quality carpet, wool should be soft and tightly knotted and these knot count can be range from 100 to 800 per square inch for the outstanding example of high finishing carpets. Most of the kashan rugs have same designs with central medallion and floral motifs that make the pattern. Designs and patterns varies with the most region. Famous colors that considered as favorite are red, ivory, blue and soft greens.

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