Today carpets are very popular and considered as most necessary decorative thing in homes and offices. In these days everyone prefers to decorate their homes with luxury carpets. Purchase carpets is most easy thing but to maintain it is very difficult. Carpet cleaning is most delicate process to clean carpet fabrics to make it as new carpet. In homes liquids o foods spilling incidents and having pets in homes and offices cause carpets dirty that leave stains filthy and dull.

Samad Carpets is offered carpets cleaning services at your door step and make sure that your carpets get new look as brand new carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Singapore and rug cleaning.

Determine cost of carpet cleaning find the size of your carpet or rug to get accurate price.

Here we mention some effective points for carpets cleaning

  • On priority always try to deal with the dirty carpet’s stains as quickly as possible to avoid long term dirt on carpet that can cause huge damage to the carpets.
  • While cleaning avoid to over wet the carpets and try to keep dry it quickly as possible.
  • Don’t use household detergents and like washing powders, liquids bleach and disinfectants etc on carpets.
  • Don’t apply cleaning material or fluids directly on carpets. Always try to use cloth or sponge to apply cleaning fluids.
  • Don’t try to use excessive detergents ratio on carpets.
  • Always rub detergents outside to the stains and avoid to get it into deep area of the carpets.
  • After cleaning the process, open doors and windows to make it favorable of drying carpets.

How Carpets Cleaning Works

Carpet cleaning is the course to clean the carpet and remove dirt or any type of fluids or food stains into the carpets. Usually carpets cleaning machines to clean the carpets and that machines works on steam. There can be used spray as protective layer that can repel dust or dirt stains from the carpets in future.

If you own carpets and you are getting trouble to clean them in best possible way. Here we give some suggestions so that you can hire best carpet cleaning company.

  1. After hire carpet cleaning specialist, show them trouble place or spot that needs special attention of carpet cleaner.
  2. You should pack or roll up your carpet or our Rugs cleaning team members will help you to move your furniture and get it for cleaning.
  3. If you don’t know about the warranty then our representatives can guide about the warranty features.

Persian Carpets Cleaning

As we know that Persian carpets are considered most expensive and famous carpets. Due to their expensive prices, it is very important to maintain their cleaning. We provide very specialized services of Persian Carpets Cleaning in Singapore. Through our services we will help to restore your carpets in new and fresh form.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is the primary process of the cleaning processor. It is used before applying any type of detergents and shampoo to the carpets to remove dirt and stains of dust from inner deep layers of the carpets. This cry cleaning processes is also very necessary on that situations where carpets exposed to the dusty environment or where carpet has exposure of any type of dirt.

For dry cleaning machines are used that can absorb dust from the carpet. Dry carpet cleaning are used technically and depend on dry cleaning products and compound.

Carpet Shampooing

Shampooing is the process to use moisturizers with circular brush in which these shampoo product is introduced on the surface of the carpet and scrub it until its cleaning. For this rotatory brushes are used to rub the surface of the carpet.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is also referred to hot water extraction. In this procedure, hot cleaning material sprayed to the surface of the carpet and after this extracted quickly with the vacuum source. This is most recommended technique among the international organizations and it is also very beneficial to remove germs from the carpets than other methods of cleaning. In this technique much more water is used and water extraction quicker is also very critical to avoid over saturation. If there saturated happens in carpet, there can be risk that dust may stuck in the carpet.

Cheapest Carpet Cleaning

Samad Carpets is most reliable dealer of the carpets and we also offer services of the cheapest carpet cleaning in Singapore. We provide carpet cleaner team to our worthy customers to help them to keep maintain their carpets at their door step regardless homes or offices.

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