Isfahan is one of the cities of Iran which very famous for the art making of carpets. Isfahani carpets are well known for its high quality and extraordinary art. There are all types of carpets produced in Isfahan like silk carpets, handmade rugs and so on. This city was also known the by the name of “City of Art” and it has long history associated with art work and that traveled from centuries and generations. The Isafahan carpet art was flourished in the rein of shah abbas, which promotes this art massively and support it to spread in other different parts of the world. That time was renewal or new beginning for carpet art.

Initially, these art works were inspired by the construction work of the buildings and architectural art that was depicted by the manufacturers to their carpets. But further, these designers were inspired by the famous poets of Persia (Sadi, Rumi), nature and religious spiritual intimations that deeply ingrained in the culture. In the rein of Shah Abbas, this city flourished this carpet business to its peak but afghan invasion cause major dealt with this business and then it was never recovered from this lose untill the 20th century.

Persian Isfahan Carpets are well demanded in the all parts if the world including Europe. Some isfahani rugs are also known with the name of Polish rugs or Polonese rugs. This name is refer to the carpets that woven with silk, golden and silver threads in Isfahan during the time of 16th-18th century and were exported to the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. These carpets were commission by rich polish noblemen who used this carpet as art and decorative for their places. Some of then resold these carpets to other European buyers who convinced the polish origin of these carpets.

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