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Best Carpets Shop in Singapore

When you choose best carpets shop in Singapore, Samad Oriental Carpets is best choice for you. It is considered one of the established leading wholesalers & retailers for luxury traditional and modern rugs. We have outstanding repute to provide best and finest quality carpets to our clients in Singapore. To consider our client’s preferences and requirements we import our carpets from various different countries Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

We have huge stock thousands pieces of rugs in wool, silk and cotton. Currently we have branches in Singapore and Jakarta and we are winning trust of clients to serve better for their satisfaction. We have all types of rugs in Singapore to appeal customers from all parts of society who want quality and luxury in offered price in market. We are well known not only for dealing in fine quality modern rugs in Singapore but also we have specialty to offer reasonable price carpets in possible discount. We are willing to continue our journey to move this graph of success to its heights in other parts of world.

Samad Carpets are not just limit our business up to sale of our carpets as we are committed to our clients to maintain relation in the long run. We also provide services of repairing and cleaning carpets services for our customers at their doorsteps and we are very delighted to get best feedbacks from clients. We have largest collection carpet stock Singapore such as modern carpets, living room carpets, living room carpets, office carpets, Persian carpets, handmade carpets, historical rugs, antiques rugs, Turkish carpets, tribal rugs and many more.

Persian Carpets

Persian Carpets are considered as the most ancient tradition in mankind history. These are the best carpets that were originated and initiated in safavid era and no even survived since many years, even adopted with its quality and design in all over the world. Still at this time of technology, they are still in fashion of different societies in the world including western countries. Ancient Persian carpets designs were also copied in different parts of the world and they got huge appreciation among people. Persian carpets have still crown among all carpets that are originally made in Iran and due to its uniqueness of creation, they are also most expensive. There are many types of Persian carpets according to their manufacturing and fabric. As the pioneer in the business of carpets in Singapore, we have best Persian carpets to offer for our customers to make them feel good.

Silk Carpets

Silk carpets are also very expensive and most demanded carpets. It is reflected very beautiful due to its fabric. There is common perception that silk rugs are not use commonly in homes or offices. But these are very wrongly adopted by the masses because there variety of collection of carpets that can be used commonly in daily use places. We have wide range of best silk carpets at samad caprets in Singapore, where our customers can choose among thousands of pieces of carpets according to quality and price range with reasonable warranty.

Tribal Carpets

Tribal carpets are reflection of the ancient tradition of tribal culture in south Asian countries. Tribal carpets are manufactured in tribal belt of Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Kirghizstan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. Tribal carpets is famous due to its design to depict the tribal culture and tradition of tribal areas. These carpets are being exported in all over the world and even copying their design are also very normal practice. Definitely due to its woven technique, they are sold expensively in different parts of the world and that’s why their designs are copied by different companies to make available for the customers in affordable prices.

Antique Carpets

Antique carpets are just the tale of history of years from its creation to till recent day. They are called antiques due to its master piece of quality, woven technique and artistic beauty. Its age of many years and even century make them antique piece of the carpets. Ages creates outstanding softness, abrash and immeasurable art beauty that make best antique carpets. These are classified into two main categories, Antique carpets and semi antique carpets. More than 100 years old carpets are called antique carpets and 50 years old carpets are semi antique carpets.

Handmade Carpets

Handmade carpets are also expensive range of carpets due to its unique technique of manufacturing. They are expensive because they are being made with hands that’s why they called handmade carpets. Such carpets take too much time and even decade to make such beautiful best handmade carpets with classic dealing with each and every fabric of the carpet. Manufacturers are also very keen to observe the design and implement on the carpets that make it beauty in style with perfection. Today carpets are made mostly with machines and they are available for sale commonly in affordable prices. But still these handmade carpets are in fashion and demanding by many customers who considered art more important thing in their selection.

Modern Carpets

Modern Carpets are those carpets that are created with today styles and designs. As the culture and tradition is going to be change very quickly, that’s why modern generation likes things that depict the design of modern ages instead of history and due to its demand, modern style carpets are being made and available in market for the new generation. We have large range of best modern carpets in Singapore for our customers in all available price ranges so our customer can select carpets according to need.