About Us

Why Choose Us

Established 3rd generation ago, Samad Oriental Carpets has been specialising in the traditional & modern carpets. We are wholesalers & import our carpets directly from various countries such as Iran and Afghanistan.We have complied 5000 pieces of rugs in wool, silk & cotton in our 2 branches in Singapore & Jakarta.

Our products have been able to attract customers from all walks of life, especially those who are passionate about traditional designs artistic value of designer rugs. We continue to maintain the highest quality products and the best customer service. We also take full advantage of the latest technology and creative thinking of the best to pursue the satisfaction of customers. We are also able to provide all services for rugs & we have a selected team of experts to assist you.

At Samad’s we have complied the most beautiful & lustrous rugs from the tribal villages across the mountains, classical¬† treasures of Persia, modern,designer & contemporary wonders from the handpick looms to transform your home or environment to the most relaxing & cosy feel. Rugs not only make your home complete but also enhances beauty, great feel,comfort & health which makes a home feel like a palace. The touch & feel of a handmade rug is captivating, relaxing & soothing, it is like floating in the air,which sends chills of pleasure from your feet to the brain & comforting it. So, come on down to Samad’s & experience the historical tales or designer designs of the world of rugs.