Tabriz carpets are one of the types of Persian carpets that manufactured or produced in in the city of Tabriz. It is capital city of east Azerbaijan province in the north west of Iran. This city is populated with by Azerbaijanis. This city is one of the oldest hub for carpet manufacture and well known of weaving technique to manufacture carpets with its unique quality.

Tabriz is the famous place for making carpets in all over the world. It has significant role for the production art work and traditional rich decorative arts. The art of carpets was initiated in 12th century and there 200 schools of art in which famous weaving experts and produced this artistic pieces of carpets that were exported to the other parts of Iran and all over the world as well. Due to their art work, Tabriz carpets created an outstanding worth among other category of carpets and it demand gone higher in last 200 years. Today it is considered among the most selling Persian carpets in the different areas of the world. There is also tradition to portray the images of the famous poets that belong to Tabriz like Sadi, Hafez, Ferdowsi and Omer Khayam. This depiction of art got huge appreciation from the world that cause increase its sale.

Persian Tabriz carpets has different types that made here in Tabriz including pile and flat weave with simple and complex composition. This carpet making passed from generation to generation with its specialty and now it is counted as the most valued heir art. In Tabriz carpets, usually depicts images of lions, places, mosques and scenes of battles that seem attractive for the customers. Sometimes there are also depiction of the scenes of falconry. Frequently, in the creation of this artistic manufacturing of carpets, weavers inspired by the ancient hand painted covers of books and depict this art on their carpets.

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