Qum is considered as holy city of Iran situated 100 KM south of Tehran in the middle of Iran and having rich history. It is also very famous by the tradition of carpet manufacturing in Iran. It is big market for the best quality carpets. The carpets that produced in the city of Qum considered as the most expensive rugs and highly collectible all around the world.

Qum is the 8th largest city of Iran and having importance for religious and history with having one million population. With the different times, this city have history to sustain among different invasions and reigns of arabs and moguls. In all these hard times, this city kept its tradition to produce outstanding quality carpets that gained lot of appreciation in parts of the world.

Mostly Persian qum carpets are small to medium in size and numerous carets are woven with best quality silk or fine wool which made highly decorative with densely knotted and that are normally increase the decoration of owners house or office with its beautiful designs. Qum carpets designs are typically curvilinear and floral by their pattern but several are woven to make more pictorial scenes or tree of life origin design on their carpets.

Qum Carpets have excellent designs and many people are prefer to hang these carpets on their walls due to its small sizes and fine visage. Most carpets have designs of tree leaves and some of them depicts landscape features or depiction of history. In the same manner, quality of qum carpets is also varies. New carpets are considered much better by quality and pattern. The highly quality carpets are made by the fine quality of silk with very high KPSI and due to this they are counted as finest viewing rugs in Iran and all around the world.

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