Kilim Carpets are well known as woven carpets or rugs that are produced as tradition in the areas of former Ottoman Empire like Iran, Azerbaijan and turkey. Kilim also known as with different spell of the words such as Kelim, Gelim and Gilim. Kilim rugs are mostly used for the decorative purposes in homes and offices, but they are also used for the prayer purposes as prayer rug in these areas.

This term kilim originated from the Persian word Gelim and it means “to spread roughly”. Kilim carpets are different from the pile carpets and they are considered less expensive than other pile carpets and less durable as well. In this antique kilim rugs, warp or weft technique is used to weave threads with each other and to make flat surfaces of the carpet with no pile. Due to this unique weft technique, few are used this carpets as hanging rugs in their places to show its beauty as decorative art. As we know this carpet is less durable than pile carpets because of its weft strands that can be damaged easily with the rough use, but as hanging rug it shows it’s outstanding for the viewer.

Persian carpets are most famous carpets among all these categories in the world. They are usually very demanding rugs in all over the world due to their ancient history and technique of the carpets and quality. There are many countries that come under the areas of rugs belt but Persian carpets stands on the top of them due to its outstanding variety and elaborateness of its manifold designs. There are many areas where Persian carpets are being manufactured traditionally such as Tabriz, Kerman, Mashhad, Kashan, Isfahan, Nain and Qom. All these cities have their own uniqueness of their tradition and variety of carpets and due to this, all these cities have made their own brand of carpets and they are known by these name areas like Qum Carpets, Isfahan carpets, Kashan carpets and so on.

Persian Kilim Carpets are on the top among other kilim carpets due to its depiction of art and colors. They are highly demanded in the many parts of the world including Singapore. Samad Carpets has been dealing in carpets more than 20 years in Singapore. We provide all type of rugs and carpets to our customers in best possible price and best quality. Here we have variety of Persian kilim carpets in Singapore with wide range and quality. We are not just sell customers, in fact we make long term relation with our customers to provide services from selling to maintain carpets at their door steps so our customer should not be worry about it.

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