Best Silk Carpets

Silk Rugs in Singapore considered as world’s most expensive four or five hundred years old, but does it really tie the room together? One anonymous buyer seems to think so & now owns it . A lot of people think, a silk rug is not for everyday use & that a silk carpet can be used only for watching on the wall.

However, this is not (always) true. People, who tell this to their customer either do not have a collection or understanding about buy silk carpets and they cannot change the fact that silk is the world’s best, most strongest, most beautiful & the most expensive material in the world.

Here we feel proud to tell you that we are connected with carpets business since 3 generations as wholesalers, stockiest and importers of all types of rugs and carpets including silk rugs in Singapore and Jakarta. We have also best Silk Carpets for Sale. So we advise you to visit our franchise to buy silk carpets.

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  1. Hi,
    I am looking for carpets that are about 200cm by 300cm (about this range).
    And my budget is $300. Is there anything that I can afford within the price range?

  2. Hey, I really liked your collection. Really want to visit your places to see more collections. Also see our collection of carpets on


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